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Spring & Summer 2015
2 April 2015
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Spring & Summer 2015

APRIL (see link). During the first part of the month there is a possibility of night frost but a lot of sun in the daytime in the north and higher on the mountains. In the beginning of the month there may also be some rain. In addition, it seems to be quite windy, because of twelve quintiles and several warm planetary constellations influencing the south. For the second part of April it seems to be springlike and warm, particularly in the south.

However, around the 20th there may be a stronger storm with a lot of rain in sea areas due to the quintile of Neptune and the Galactic Center.

MAY. Venus promises sunny weather in the quartz-bearing areas, but the lower part of the weather score makes it cooler and promises rain to the limestone areas and into the mountains. Especially in the middle of the month there may be a cold period.

JUNE. The first part of June seems to be sunny but the nights can still be cold. In the middle of the month there may occur plenty of rain. Between 12th and 24th seismic activity may increase.

JULY seems to be scorching. It may well set the temperature record of the decade(s) due to the cluster of warm planetary constellations near July 15th. At that point we may be terrified by the strong progress of the climate change, which in this case is NOT the only cause. Particularly during the second part of July there seems to be a lot of thunder and the conditions may be favourable even for tornadoes.

AUGUST will be warm as well, but it seems to contain more humidity than July. The beginning of August seems to be stormy and there may occur torrential rain.

SEPTEMBER. The warmth will continue well into September, but in the middle of the month there seems to be a cold period with a lot of rain.