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Etheric Level 18 Sep 2006
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26 Jun 2009

Gaia Trust Award 2006 to
Christina Henatsch

"Christina is a gardener and tireless pioneer in the field of organic seed improvement, preservation and distribution to organic farmers. She is a dymnamic and effective countervailing force to the monopolization of monoculture seeds promoted by multinational corporations that give no consideration to the environment,sustainability or nutrition, but are driven only by profit maximation. Christina is not a Dane, but she lives so close to Denmark in northern Germany and her work is so important, that Gaia Trust made an exception this year."

Getting Familiar with the Etheric Level

A group of biodynamical farmers, gardening students and interested people gathered together in Rihu biodynamic farm in Heinola, Finland, September 15-17, 2006, to study the methods of observing and getting familiar with the forming forces of plants, developed by Dorian Schmidt. Christina Henatsch guided this event.

A plant grows between the ground and cosmos. The more living the ground is, the more it makes the plant sensitive to the forming forces of cosmos. By observing the etheric forming forces of a plant we can understand the term quality - the real nature of the plant. Namely, not even exact material analyses can tell us what the plant's being is. Does it have the powers that really nourish us and keep us vital?

The etheric level, the life level, which includes the forming forces of a plant, is so delicate that there are no mechanical meters to measure it. Only a human being is sensitive enough to measure it.

But, also the 'human meter' has first to be cleared and calibrated. By training yourself you can perceive (see or feel) the differences of the phenomena on the etheric level and clearing your mind of disturbing thoughts you can focus on the phenomenon you are working on. Working in a group we can find the essentials of the phenomenon and put aside fantasies and our own personal interests.

After learning practices of observing, our group started tasting different kinds of carrots, beetroots, grains, potatoes, apples, even water and a specialty, light root coffee. Then finally we got some feeling of etheric oils. We didn't concentrate on the tastes, but rather the feelings and imagines in our minds. They were surprisingly consistent and complete, even when they were differently explained and experienced.

For example, two beautiful wheat grains, looking exactly the same; the first one gave us the feeling of a solid, healthy structure, golden colour and radiant shine and the other gave the image of weak structure, grey colour and bleakness. We didn't know anything about the origins of the grains and couldn't even see the differences with our eyes.

Rihun biodynaamiselta yrttimaalta

We later discovered that the first one, the wheat we perceived as solid and healthy, had been for a long time in strong biodynamic culture. The bleak one was from a common chemical technical culture and only been for a couple of years in biodynamic culture.

The next practice Sep 8-9, 2007

September 8-9, 2007, we had a new practice. We went out to an herb field to perceive plants' etheric powers. There were flowers and herbs planted in rows and circles and we chose a place that felt good to stand, closed eyes and started to perceive what we see or feel.

I, myself, stood in the middle of straight thyme rows. Soon, behind my closed eyes, I saw horizontal force areas forming. Then I changed my position to a circle formed herb field and saw circle formed force areas. But then I was surprised.

Force circles vanished behind in my mind and in front of them I saw the living forces looking like a hurricane seen from a satellite with a hole in the middle. I observed it for a couple of minutes and didn't understand why I saw something like that.

Later on, we talked about what we had experienced and I wondered about my experience out loud to the others. Then the host of Rihu commented: "But there are Heavenly Blues (Ipomoea tricolor) growing around the hay pole".

And yes indeed! Now I understood that the plants, growing and climbing around a hay pole (see the picture above) all winding to the same direction, formed a living thread tube - the eye of the 'hurricane'. The living forces of the leaves of the plants made the 'hurricane' itself (it seemed to be a little broader than the physical dimensions of the leaves) and the dry, 'dead' hay pole in the middle was invisible on the level of life itself. That's why there was a hole.

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