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Long-term weather forecasts

You are welcome to explore a completely new way of drawing up weather forecasts.
The so called "weather scores" - resembling musical scores - make it possible to give estimates concerning approaching weather patterns for substantially longer periods of time than was previously thought possible: months or even years in advance. This new method of weather forecasting is based on our whole solar system.

Inspite of its continuous efforts, formal science has not found any evidence of the connection between weather patterns and planetary entities. The so called extended natural science, however, contains the tools for bridging the apparent separation.

This method of interpreting the development of global and local weather patterns is indebted in particular to the life's works of four persons: Dr. Rudolf Steiner, Dr. Guenther Wachsmuth and the researchers of the biodynamic farming method, Dr.h.c. Maria Thun and Georg Wilhelm Schmidt. Based on their experience in the extended natural science it has been possible to create this new method of long term weather forecasts.

This system of weather forecasting is by no means fully completed, but it has now reached a level

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where it is already possible to verify quickly and concretely, how the effects of a very special, organized system of space - cleared up a hundred years ago by Rudolf Steiner - operate in nature and on the atmosphere. Furthermore, we can now study its effects in greater detail and accuracy.

The method presented here is not attempting to replace conventional meteorology, but rather to complement it, as they are both interdependent. By combining these two methods, we will make a substantial step forward in the area of weather forecasting.

I wish you an interesting expedition in this new area!