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Extended Natural Science
Last Update 1.10.2016

Extended Natural Science

The extended natural science considers the globe and the whole solar system – up to the fixed stars – as a large, living wholeness.

The extended natural science researches both the physical phenomena and the forces outside the physical level. These forces cannot be directly measured with physical devices, but yet they can be recognized in several ways.

In addition, in the extended natural science, the four elements of the philosophers of antiquity will be considered: the earth, the water, the fire and the air, or saying it another way: the coldness, the moisture, the warmth and the dryness - the fundamental qualities of the etheric level.

They will be used in their etheric forms, among other things, in controlling the growth of the plants as well as in beekeeping, and they have also proved to be excellent tools in the long-term weather forecasts.

Perhaps the best known example of the applications of the extended natural science is the biodynamic agriculture, which got its first professorship at the University of Kassel in 2003.


Perhaps the least known example for the present is the plant regeneration, closely connected with the biodynamic farming, a kind of ‘extreme’ breeding method which utilizes planetary forces strongly and with excellent results, and which can be seen as an opposite and alternative to the genetic modification. These we can later use for a better understanding of the different influences of the planets.

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